Sarah Cutler Therapy is an Occupational Therapy and Pain Relief Therapy practice located within Total Health Orange at 281 Lords Place, Orange NSW.


    Our therapy is client centred and at your initial session, we will work together to understand your goals and develop a plan that is unique to you to ensure we assist you to reach your potential and restore your function.


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      Hannah Nunn


Sarah Cutler

SARAH DAVIS (Nee Cutler)

(Bach. App. Sci. (OT) CSP)
Occupational Therapist & Pain Relief Specialist
Owner/ Director of Total Health Orange


Sarah completed her training in Sydney and has since been dedicated to working in rural and remote regions of Australia. Sarah is based in Central West NSW in Orange. Sarah established Sarah Cutler Therapy in 2007, and has now expanded her business. Sarah established Total Health Orange in 2015 to enable her to assist greater numbers of people.


“I aim to assist you to improve or maintain your function and independence
and therefore assist you to reach your potential.”


Using a combination of Occupational Therapy, SCENAR Therapy and Key Therapy Sarah treats a range of conditions.


SCENAR (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a non-invasive interactive neurostimulation device that is used to alleviate pain and assist to restore function. It is beneficial for:

   • musculoskeletal problems

   • surgery

   • trauma

   • bursitis

   • dental problems

   • physical therapy

   • during labour


Key Therapy is one of the most recent variations of non-invasive neurostimulation that is used to:

   • reduce chronic and acute pain

   • improve blood circulation

   • perform passive muscle stimulation

   • restore functional restoration.


Sarah combines her knowledge as an Occupational Therapist to assist people to reach their potential. Some of the areas that she can assist with include:

   • Pain relief: Sarah is a pain specialist and can assist with Chronic and Acute pain of all varieties

   • Poor energy

   • Lymphoedema

   • A child or an adult with a disability

   • Poor handwriting

   • Poor coordination and balance

   • Poor digestion

and much more


    Katelyn TillackKATELYN TILLACK
    (BOccThy. Hons)
    Occupational Therapist

    Katelyn is a paediatric OT who is passionate about helping children reach their full developmental potential through play-based therapy. Katelyn specialises in early childhood development, with particular interest in supporting children to develop their skills in the following areas:
       • Dressing and Play Skills
       • School Readiness
       • Attention and Concentration
       • Sensory Processing
       • Fine Motor Skills (handwriting, utensil use, in-hand coordination)
       • Gross Motor Skills (whole-body coordination, strength and balance)


    Katelyn has experience working with children with a range of disorders and disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder and Developmental Delays, across both clinical and school-based settings.


    Services that Katelyn offers include:

       • Formal and informal assessments of the following:
            - Developmental Milestones
            - School readiness
            - Handwriting Speed
            - Visual Perception
            - Visuomotor Integration
            - Fine Motor Coordination
            - Sensory Needs

       • Individual sessions and reports

       • Group sessions

       • Home programs
       • Consultation with schools


    Katelyn TillackHANNAH NUNN
    (B.Mus (Hons); MOT)
    Occupational Therapist

    Hannah completed her Masters of Occupational Therapy in 2016 and has since continued her training in pain management and musculoskeletal disorders. She is a certified Key therapist and completed her advanced training under the guidance of Chris Mortensen and continues her training under Sarah Davis. Both practitioners are highly recognised in the field as some of the most experienced and long standing in the field of non-invasive neurostimulation.


    Previously, Hannah graduated from a Bachelor of Music with honours, specialising in music, emotion and cognition. Before becoming an OT, Hannah was a violin teacher and musician, focusing on utilising music for emotional regulation in everyday life for children, adolescents and young adults. Hannah also has experience working in the age care sector providing pain relief, equipment prescription and promoting falls prevention and independence and supporting palliative care patients.


    Hannah combines her skill base to focus on the following:
       •  Sports injuries
       •  Musculoskeletal problems
       •  Bursitis
       •  Acute and chronic pain
       •  Young adults and adolescents with disabilities requiring support with routines,
          Activities of Daily Living, and goal orientated therapy
       •  Home modifications and equipment prescription


    All of the Occupational Therapists at Total Health are accredited with private health funds, DVA and can be utilised for self-managed NDIS funds. Medicare rebates may be available to some clients if a referral is included in their GP Care Plan.


    To make an enquiry or discuss an appointment time please contact...
    our team on or 0402 858 188.



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Sarah is an authorised reseller of Key Therapy products including practitioner only and devices for home use.

Sarah provides advice on what products may be most suitable, as well as instructions and Training on how to use them and follow up advice where required.




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